Q: Why shall I use this service?

rand.so provides you the convenience of transforming a long URL into a fairly short one. When people enter the short address, they will be redirected to the original address.

Furthermore, the address of the short link is chosen by you, instead of a random one. When you promote your website or webpage, you can use the short address instead of a long one.
Hint: using shorter addresses in QR codes can improve the rate of a successful scan.

In case you wish to hind the original address, you can tick "hind the long address", and the original address will not be shown when people visit the short link.

This service also give you the convenience of changing your favourite short link in the future, by setting a password when you create the link.

Q: How to create a short link?

1. Enter your original/long address in the first field.

2. Think of a nice address for your short link, and enter it to the second field.

3. Tick the "hide the long address" option, if you do not wish your original/long address to be shown.

4. Tick the "set a password and edit in the future" option, and enter your password, if you wish to change the original/long address in the future. If you do not set a password, you cannot change your original/long address to your short address.

5. Click "Get the link!" button. If the link is not occupied, you get your desired short link and you are good to go!